Workshops are facilitated by HURT and delivered within local schools, youth clubs or employment based settings. The purpose is to provide an overview of the most commonly used drugs and to enhance an understanding of the effects and legal classification of various substances.

Issues can include:

  • Most commonly used substances in the North West
  • Legal and Illegal drugs – What do they look like and how are they used
  • Drug Categories and Classification
  • The Effects of Drug and Alcohol Misuse on the Individual, Family and Community
  • Harm Reduction (Age Appropriate)
  • Local Support Agencies

We use a number of visual and interactive methods of delivery which can include DVDs, Clever Catch Ball, Flashcards, Drug Box and Information / Educational leaflets.

Please contact the team at HURT for more information or if you are interested in the delivery of drug and alcohol workshops within your setting.

Drug and Alcohol Workshop delivered at Limavady Grammar School.

Drug and Alcohol Workshop delivered at Limavady Grammar School