LEVEL 5 Cognitive Behavioural Theory, Skills & Practice. (TQUK Accredited on RQF.)

This Level Diploma course will introduce you to the theory, practice and skills of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

CBT has long been known as a treatment of choice within statutory services for the treatment of anxiety, depression and other conditions where faulty cognition is a factor.

This course will introduce you to the underlying theory and practice of this treatment.  You will leave the course equipped to understand the cognitive and behavioural factors involved in mental health conditions.  It will also equip you with the skills to make primary interventions from a CBT perspective. (Please note this course does not qualify you as a CBT Therapist.)

Those qualified as counsellors or psychotherapists will be in a position to integrate the theory and practice into their relevant work.  If taking this route, then to receive the Specialist Practitioner award from the National Counselling Society, further requirements will need to be evidenced.

Assessment requirements:

Learning Portfolio

2 assignments. 1 Academic essay and 1 case study

100% attendance

Entry Requirements:

  • Minimum 19 years old
  • Good reading and writing skills in English
  • A lot of patience as this is an intensive course.
  • Completed Application form
  • Photographic proof of ID.

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